Company Profile

  RadEX Primar s.r.o. is a specialized testing laboratory accredited by the State Office for Nuclear Safety. Tests performed by the laboratory concern diagnostic X-ray medical devices and complete X-ray installations.

  The RadEX laboratory operates throughout the Czech Republic. It is a truly independent testing laboratory, which operates in compliance with international standards, based on the principle of independent external control. It avoids conflict of interest. It meets the criterion stating that it is indispensable to avoid any economic, financial, and other influences that might affect the result of a testing activity performed. Therefore, according to this principle of external independent control, RadEX as an audit laboratory never sells, installs, repairs, or services the equipment it tests. 

RadEX Primar s.r.o. carries out: 

  • Tests of X-ray equipment at the level of acceptance tests, status tests, and the setup of a program of operating stability tests.
  • Tests of X-ray stations: monitoring at workplaces and other locations important for radiation protection, including integrity and sufficiency tests on constructional protections.
  • Drawing up complete documentation, updating, creating and introducing quality assurance programs.
  • Preparation for special qualification tests.
  • Obligatory staff training according to Decree No. 307/2002 Coll., incl. examinations.
  • Updating seminars, training courses.
  • Consulting - "Home Guide".

Specialists with motion and other disabilities largely work in our team for many years, mainly in the field of methodology and test results of evaluations. The subject who works in The Czech republic, uses our professional special service and so supports maintaining jobs for disabled specialists are obviously economical motivated, saving up to 50% (the employment law).